“Fly”: A Photo Essay

Whether dunking, flipping, or jumping in celebration, athletes soar above their opponents to reach new heights.

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  • Dominic McLawrence (’24) levitates in the air prior to dunking the ball.

  • The basketball wheels through the air from Nick Basson (’23) to Dominic McLawrence (‘24) during the Elite Eight game of the 2023 season.

  • Tucker Mills (’23) battles through opponents’ blocks, hovering over, to make a shot.

  • Nick Basson (’23) shoots a basket, flying over his opponent’s block.

  • Teammates soar in a congratulatory embrace.

  • Taylon Adler (’23) takes the air as his teammate lifts him up after a touchdown.

  • Firestone local Xavier Johnson pop shoves-it over a gap jetting further into the graffiti splattered skatepark.

  • Xavier Johnson kickflips more than seven feet from the ground seemingly floating above power lines and stadium lights.

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