Zach Dibella looking forward to continuing football career at Mesa

Zach Dibella (’23) has enjoyed the past four years that he has been a part of the Mead football team


Ryan Brewster (@brewshots)

Dibella (’23) has made countless memories playing for Mead High, and he is excited for the next chapter.

Zach Dibella (‘23) has played football at Mead for all four years of high school. He played offensive tackle and has greatly contributed to the team.

He plans to play Division 2 football at the University of Colorado Mesa. There he will study outdoor recreational sports management.

At Colorado Mesa, his team will be playing in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference.

Dibella (’23) said his favorite memory at Mead was “Friday night lights”. Friday night football games have always been an invitation to the community to come support the MHS football team.

He mentioned that one challenge he faced was balancing school and athletics, both demanding parts of his life, but “after a while you get used to it” and learn how to manage it, he shared.

Being a student athlete is difficult — you have to focus just as much in the classroom as you do on the field.

Coach Jason Klatt has been the head football coach at Mead High for several years, with many successful seasons. Dibella (’23) said, “He pushed me since I was a freshman.” Klatt has built up many collegiate football players that have come through his program.

Being with the team for so long, Dibella (’23) made a big impact on not only those in his class, but the underclassmen as well. He learned from previous years and players, and he used the knowledge he gained to help teach younger athletes what it really means to be playing as a Maverick.

Dibella (’23) has enjoyed his time representing Mead Athletics. Something that sets Mead’s sports apart from the rest, Dibella said, is that “we will work harder than you”.