We are taking our education for granted (Opinion)

We’re not noticing how lucky we are in the education department


Campbell Goter

Students off-task in their B7 math class.

Being part of the USA, education is a norm for people of all ages. We have hundreds of college routes and, as of 2017, 90% of people (in the U.S.) over the age of 25 have completed at least high school.

We are SO lucky to have the abundance of education that we do, yet students all across America are constantly mumbling things like “Ugh, school is literally so boring” and “Why do we even need school? We’re not learning anything anyway.” We rejoice when snow days are announced and count down the days until breaks. 

This saddens me. We have gotten more and more used to what we have, so much that we don’t even see how lucky we are anymore. 

We are spoiled when it comes to education. 

We get free education and, in most cases, transportation to go to a place where you can receive that education. On top of that, female students, students of color, and students that are part of the LGBTQ+ community are welcomed and get the same treatment in the education system as anyone else. 

How do people not see how blessed we really are?

75 million children ages 3-18 live in places that are currently facing war and conflict and desperately need educational support. We throw around our privileges while others beg for even some of the educational opportunities we have. 

Free education is handed to us on a silver platter as soon as we are born. Then, we get to choose what classes we take. Those who want to take challenging classes have that option, and those who prefer to not take those classes don’t have to. 

We even have the option to purchase hot, fresh food at school!

Now, I’m not saying school isn’t hard. I know exactly how difficult it is to get up at 6 a.m., go to school, come home, and do homework for 5 hours straight. I know that’s not easy. I’m just pointing out how often we are focusing on the things we don’t like. Schooling gives us so many opportunities. It paves a career pathway. It helps us find our strengths and weaknesses. It forms social connections. 

So, I encourage you to go to school one day and just look around you. Acknowledge how lucky you are. Because we have a lot of chances in our lives that many people don’t.