Lifestyles have shifted because of the lockdown on Colorado due to the spread of COVID-19

People are discovering new ways to pass time and ration their supplies.


Campbell Goter

Everyone is encouraged to stop and stay at home to reduce risk of contracting COVID-19.

Since Colorado progressed into lockdown because of the coronavirus (COVID-19), families have been spending more time together. But along with time for the family, people have been realizing what it means to truly conserve food and resources. 

Some people are relating this time back to the 1930s. America went through a similar situation of budgeting their food and supplies; the Great Depression. A series of events occurred during that period of time to propel the States into a national depression. People learned to preserve every single penny or loaf of bread they could get their hands on. Jobs were scarce and hard to find during this time, much like today. 

Some of you may have obtained information regarding the lockdown of Colorado due to the spread of COVID-19. A Public Safety Alert was sent out to the public on Thursday, March 26 at 7:00 a.m. stating that no one should leave their homes unless they need essentials such as groceries, need medical assistance or medication, or are essential personal for work.

Because of this stay at home policy, people have been scrambling to clear out the stores and gather all the materials they need. This results in people rationing their stock in order to not run out of their items. 

Not all parents work in the medical field or someplace where it is essential for them to stay at work. Thus, it builds a lot of time to be at home with the family. Some people might’ve had to do extra chores or play games with the family to pass time and relieve their boredom. Some families have had to ration in order to ensure they have enough supplies to last them through this lockdown.

The lockdown has impacted the way the community lives in good and bad ways. We get to spend lots of time with the family, but we are also comprehending a new way to manage during the COVID-19 pandemic. Either way, we hope that this dilemma approves hastily and all is well. As people continue to go through this virus, they better understand what it really signifies to maintain and preserve supplies.