“Spread the Word to End the Word” is back

Here’s what students need to know about the next few weeks


Adah McMillan

Mead wants to create a community where every student feels welcome and accepted.

The “Spread the Word to End the Word” campaign is meant to rally students and communities together to spread awareness about the importance of inclusive language and helping others who feel isolated. Click here to find out more from the campaign’s website. 

As part of local campaigning efforts and Mead High’s continued partnership with this organization, Student Council is handing out small paper hearts to every English class and raising awareness through a spirit week. 

If students want to pledge to “spread the word to end the word”, they will sign their names on one of the hearts and their English teacher will put it in the Ziploc bag at the front of the class.

Participation is optional, but Student Council does encourage students to pledge to help all students know Mead is an accepting, inclusive community. 

Hearts will be collected on Feb. 26 during A4 from English classes.

The themes for MHS’s upcoming spirit week are listed below: 

Monday, March 1 is PJ Day.

Tuesday, March 2 is Crazy Sock Day.

Wednesday, March 3 is Hat/Crazy Hair Day.

Thursday, March 4 is Wear Your Blue.