From now on, The Mav will only use the title “Ms” for adult women in all published pieces

Because the use of different titles based on marital status is unnecessary and degrading


Izzy Erickson

It is crucial to do our part in society as a publication and as individuals.

The Mav Editorial Board published our third 2020-2021 school year editorial piece on Feb. 8 titled “The ‘Mrs’ title promotes gender inequality and discrimination”. In this editorial piece, the unfair labeling of women by their marital status was challenged based on societal outlooks towards women and the historical background connected with both the “Mrs” and “Ms” labels.

The Mav Editorial Board believes it is crucial to do our part in society as a publication and as individuals. We work to practice the editorial suggestions we publish in order to progress towards an inclusive and positive societal view on women and their role in our community.

Therefore, we have officially decided to implement this editorial suggestion into all published articles from here forward, with specific exceptions if the “Mrs” title is absolutely necessary to properly convey the tone or message in a published piece.

Additionally, we encourage you as an individual member of our community to work towards social gender equality by being aware of the norms that are promoted through words and actions. Every voice is needed in order to make a change in future representation of women, all of which we collectively value and appreciate regardless of their marital status.