Changes aren’t always that bad (poem)

I love my hair and it’s subtle curl

I love the way my skirt fans when I twirl

My curves look nice, I love them too

And the pitch of my voice just sounds so true

When I look in the mirror, I can’t help but smile

And feel confidence I haven’t had in a while

Already my energy rivals the sun

And yet the day has only begun


Her makeup looks nice, it compliments her eyes

And I’m sure her laugh will be my demise

Her style is perfect, she always looks good

I’m sure she could take over Hollywood

When I see her, my heart can’t help but flutter

And I feel my legs start to melt like butter

She’s just so amazing, I think I’m crushing

I can already feel myself blushing


The day ends


My hair looks too long, I want to get it cut

I zip and then button my pants shut

It’s too hot to hide my curves with a sweater

Maybe if it was deeper, my voice would sound better

Seeing my reflection, I can only sigh

My confidence is gone and I think I might cry

I already want to go back to bed

The idea of today fills me with dread


I can already imagine him standing there

With soft facial features and sandy brown hair

His style is casual, it suits him well

And his voice rings clear like a church hand bell

Though I know that he is just in my mind

It’s a boy like him I wish I could find


The day ends


I feel very calm, not the slightest bit stressed

And I’m hardly bothered by the sight of my chest

At this very moment, I’m comfortable in my skin

And I do not care I’m not perfectly thin

Makeup isn’t something I want to wear

I already think I look wonderfully fair


My train of thought is easily impacted

By this girl to whom I find myself attracted

But the longer I think, the more I see

There isn’t as much joy in me

As though everything in me suddenly rearranged

I can already tell that something has changed


The day ends


I thought I liked girls, and so I wonder why

My attractions have now shifted over to guys

Yet there is something else in me that feels a bit odd

That makes my new feelings seem a bit less flawed

It’s not the old me, that’s for sure

But something that has a powerful allure


My name sounds weird, is it really mine?

It seems to have lost its bright old shine

Maybe I should change it into something new

Something more fitting with a brand new hue

And among these new questions, just one more brings me joy

Could it be that I’m happier calling myself… a boy?