Self love (poem)

Here is a reminder that you come from the universe 

You are a cluster of stardust 

A walking explosion of nebulas 

The power and worth you hold is strong as the star constellation bonds  

You being here is an absolute miracle

Remember you are special

So special that there is only one of you on this Earth


And remember when looking into a mirror it does not reflect everything

The mirror 


                     with lies

It does not reflect every beautiful corner of your soul

Or the way you light up the room like the sun with your smile

It does not show how absolutely beautiful your laugh is

there is much more underneath your skin

Far more than any mirror could reflect


With all being said you must take care of yourself

Be kind to yourself

And fall in love with yourself

No matter how difficult life gets remember that you have always been there






Don’t forget that you have come a long journey and are here today

I would like to thank you for simply existing