In Memory of You (poem)

Ana Carrillo, Editor

I saw the sunrise this morning and thought of you

I love talking about you because it makes me smile, though sorrowfully.

I’ll brag about how lovely you were – You were stunning in every way.

When I think of you, I think of bright colors

I think 

      Pinks and banana yellow 

     Sparkles – the shimmering glitter kind 

     Chanel Number 5 

     the sweetest genuine hugs

     Arctic Monkeys on a rainy day

     laughter all night 

     gorgeous Tulips – you were radiant, glowing with beauty, love, and grace, just like flowers

Your confidence was contagious (just like your smile)

Our precious Angel watches over us from heaven and illuminates the sky with pinks and lilac purple every morning

Your soul lives free

Our hearts continue to beat in memory of you,

May the passing of time allow us to see each other again