Toxic Relationships (poem)

Enola Potter, Writer

The human body has mandatory organs — needed to function: The brain, the backbone, the lungs, and the heart. The human body matters more than anything, and if not taken care of properly, it will abruptly damage your health.


And when I met you, I felt perfect.

You were perfect from the beginning.

And I was convinced everything was perfect. 


The days I spent thinking about you,

Turned into,

Weeks dreaming about you,

And those weeks turned into months.

And the months started catching up on me, 

And began to steal all of my time,

And I was suddenly revolving around you.


And everything was so perfect —

Until you lost your memory.


So we switched out brains.

It was temporary.

Temporary until I could fix your brain, and we could switch them back.

Days turned into months I spent just taking care of your brain.

And once everything was in place we switched back,

I just couldn’t recognize my memories.

But that’s okay — everything just became a little blurry —

For you.


You then proceeded to break your back.

Not only metaphorically but physically snapped it in half.

It’s just a backbone — of course I made us switch ours again.

It was only temporary.

Temporary until your back could be straight again,

You were holding mine,

And once we switched back —

Mine was paralyzed. 

I couldn’t move,

But you could.

 I was only doing it for you.


You wanted to swim.

But the weather was too cold, and no place was open.

So you made me cry, 

Cry rivers,

Rivers turned into lakes,

Lakes turned into oceans.

And even though the body is made up of 75% water,

You turned mine into 99% water.

So you could swim in my body, 

My lungs were floating organs that you used as a life jacket.

But I was your swimming pool of tears, 

So therefore it was okay.


Your heart was failing.

We switched out hearts,

It was temporary.

I was temporarily taking care of your heart just until I could fix it.

You were supposed to take care of my heart. 

I’m fragile after all,

I suppose you would know that.

I took care of your brain,

And your back,

And let you swim in my lungs after all.

I just wanted you to take care of my heart.

That’s all I asked for.

And yet once your heart was repaired from my love.

You gave me my heart back in bits and pieces.

But I still loved you.


My mind was foggy,

My back was paralyzed,

I was drowning in water,

And my heart was crumbled,

And you told me this was what the word “love” means.

Even while you were placing me on my deathbed from all the damage you caused.

Nothing felt perfect anymore.

And my soul had taken the damage of what I thought “perfect” was supposed to mean.