My Sweet Alithia (poem)


Alithia Haven Ramirez

“I want the world to see my art and show the world what I can do. I want people to be happy when they see my passion in art.” – Alithia

Jacob Morales, Writer

10 years — her 10 year old soul

That stolen dream

Dreamt for 10 whole years

Now that dream is true

Because the paint that laid on the walls

Was not from her soul


Paris is where the esteemed roam

The art, displays true emotion

Hers is unsatisfactory

And now every frown walking past that beautiful piece will go

Oh well!


Paris and Texas

Or Paris, Texas


Write your will and stack it neatly within your cubby

So that when your spelling test comes in the mail

Your lovely parents will have a little more to remember you by

My bullets are crayons and love

The shells are on the ground


My sweet Alithia

Your style has brought mine to life

    My sweet Alithia

    Your colors have bled into my heart

        My sweet Alithia

        I pray that guns can soon be as rare as you were



Eggs are spilling out of the carton

Yet none are over a dozen

They say life is precious

    Unless of course it’s more precious than that fancy safe of yours

America will grieve, then shut up and have to grieve again

And again    and again     and again


Kids now jokingly giggle and laugh under these people

Because it seems that every child within our system now

Knows that this place is a target

And WE are walking bullseyes


To the Twenty One lives lost on this one day

I sit and wait, knowing two stay still

Knowing that one day, my dreams will be brought to life not because I worked

Because I didn’t have the chance to do it myself

My Sweet Alithia

Twenty One