I’m Still A Person (poem)

I’m still a person

I have a sweet and soft soul

But people don’t see that

Their words are cold and harsh


I block their words from my heart

At least I attempt to

Some days the words sting

more than others


Other days the words take me down

My brain gets so full

Yet, so empty

It frightens me


I don’t understand

How could I?

My words are sweet and comforting

But the words I receive cut deep

Cold air runs down my spine


I know I worry them

My parents at least

I can’t fix it all

As much as I would like to

But of course, I could try and forgive them

I just want to know why

Why was it me?

Why all of these empty apologies


Forgetting important things

Like what makes me smile

An effortless

Genuine smile

I’m still a person