My Mind (poem)

These frouvlist words can turn into violent attacks, 

Like claws that dig deep into my skin.

They seem so unimportant at first —


Sometimes my own mind can tear me apart into bits and pieces. 

My mind can be a safe place; other times it is my worst enemy,

My number one hater.


And I am consumed by my thoughts.

I am trapped and cannot escape.

They never seem to stop,

I don’t know how to turn them off when they scream so loudly,

It is vulgar and destructive,

Chaotic even.

Anything can happen inside,

On the outside people will never know the daily thoughts that haunt me.


I feel stuck

It’s like I’m in stagnant water.

There are times where it all can be too much for me,

Overwhelmingly exhausting.

I am drained of energy and I strip myself apart,

I try to run away from my mind,

I’m desperate to escape.


A reminder:


                                           You are not your mind.

                                                      You are not your thoughts, 

                                                                  That person in your head isn’t you.

                                                                                                  You can overcome this.