Dancing to a song I haven’t heard (poem)

She sits adjacent to the man with the instrument

“I want you to dance”

“But I have not yet heard this song”

    “How will I dance, if i have not heard the melody?”

        “How will I dance if i have not understood the rhythm?”

“I want you to dance“


His paint touches her drum with elegant intensity

A violent, yet impressive, expression of his instrument

It covers the walls, making her choice one to follow

“I want you to dance”


She stumbles her dance

Her display of artistry

Spoiled, rotted by her inability to trust

“I want you to dance”


His sound melds into the walls

Her swiftness isn’t matched 

Why isn’t he staying still


“I want you to dance”


“Won’t you quit it!”

    “I’ve searched for everything, yet I still can’t control how I move”

        “I’ve had enough”

“I want you to dance with me”


The man with the instrument calmly puts down the child

He takes her hand, smooth and unfazed, until now of course

“These hands have not seen the world my dear”

    “You read what was written“

        “You obeyed, and only obeyed, now look where you are”

            “Dance with me”


Like autumn leafs to her breeze

He and She defied

No longer reading

No longer obeying

Then miraculously, his sound began reverberating


Like a mouse concealed within a cage

Back and forth

He and She

Up and Down

Our Sound and We


Their record was scratched

    His sound was forever

        Within their own loop

            These walls could barely contain


Spinning, their record went

Yet they weren’t dancing to the art

They were dancing to whatever they wanted to

Dancing to a song I’ve never heard

Complete Passion