I Can’t Manage To Remember (vignette)






I don’t really know why, but, for some odd reason, I can’t manage to remember a lot from my childhood. I remember going to California when I was young with my aunt and uncle. I remember going to the M&M store and going to Universal Studios, but there’s a lot I don’t remember.

When I go over to my cousin’s house for a sleepover or to just hang out, we sometimes talk about the trip. They mention things that I can’t manage to remember — things like: I would snore so loud that I wouldn’t let my cousins sleep. They would say that it would be so loud that they felt like Grandpa was with them — he snores really loud too.

My cousins would say that I started crying because Optimus Prime was so big — he scared me. They say all those things, but I can’t remember that any of it happened.

I remember that when I was in the M&M store, my cousins and I would go to the tubes full of M&Ms and get a handful to eat. I don’t remember ever throwing up when we got to my aunt’s cousin’s house, but I guess that’s what I get for eating so many sweets.

I remember having a pillow fight with a big pillow and having so much fun, but I don’t remember getting hit so hard that my cousin broke my red glasses with colorful spots and how after that I started crying.

I do remember playing a car game on their PS4 in California, but I can’t manage to remember that I started to cry because my older cousins wouldn’t let me play.

So many wonderful memories and so many life experiences, yet I can’t remember half of them.