Why I shower in the dark. (poem)

I must ground my thoughts

I shower in the dark with complete silence because it’s the only way to ground my thoughts. 

I have heavier things on my mind than what could ever be lurking in the dark. 


My mind is an endless series of nothingness.

I am not who my mind is. 

The dark is not my greatest fear, my mind is way darker than how dark the room could appear.


I devour the water as it drops down my face,

I sit and I ponder,

I enjoy my loneliness,


The water is warm,

My thoughts are cold, 

I swallow my tears that become the shallow water,


The shampoo fills my swollen eyes,

I cannot see,

I cannot be bothered by the sting in my eyes because it could never be more painful than the stings on my bare body.


I shower in the dark, with complete silence,

it’s the only way to ground my thoughts,

I have heavy (ier) things on my mind (than what could ever be luring in the dark)