Varsity Girls Basketball snaps losing streak in their game against Fort Morgan

A solid defense pushes the Mavericks to a win

On February 7, the Mavericks Varsity girls team took on Fort Morgan and shut them down only allowing the other team to score 32 points while putting up 52 of their own.

A strong defensive presence was what helped the Mavericks in their victory as the Mavericks only let the opposing Mustangs score four points in the first quarter.

Hitting two of her six attempts at a basket, Hailee Martinez was responsible for the only three pointers in the game.

With this victory, the Mavericks ended an eight game losing streak and they snapped it in a spectacular fashion.

Another notable performance was attributed to Abbey Glynn with seven steals.

Offense was also important, no matter how low the score was. Even though Mead had 15 points in the first the first quarter, Fort Morgan managed to hold them to seven in the second which made the score at halftime 22-11.

To start off the second half, Mead took off, putting in 14 points and only allowing 6 to make the score 36-17.

Putting up an impressive offensive performance, Maddie Muntz made 16 of the points and made over 50% of her shots. She also made every single shot she took from the free throw line.  

It was an impressive game from a team that has greatly improved throughout the season. As the games come to an end, the Varsity Girls look to close out the season on a high note.