Mead’s Varsity wrestling team carries out another great win

The team also recognized their seniors during senior night


Senior Caleb Dominico faced good opponents on the mat.

On January 31, Mead’s Varsity Wrestling team went head to head with Holy Family. Despite the strong opponents, the team was able to pull off a strong win of 54 to 14.

“We have some really strong wrestlers, we really have been working hard in the past week,” said Jacob Gordon (‘23).

Before the match, Mead gave recognition to all seniors on the team.

Members of the senior class of 2020 on the wrestling team include Joe Belloso, Emilio Chavez, Hector Contreras, Caleb Domenico, Gretzky Gilman, Kyle Johnson, Blake Morgan, Roman Salaz, and Zane Strewler.

“It’s hard, I’ve been wrestling half my life. It’s different, but that’s just life,” said Morgan.

Head Coach Ty Tatham stood by his team that night to cheer them on along with friends and family.

“We’re moving in the right direction; everybody is working hard and has a good attitude. The last few matches have been really good for us,” said Tatham.

With all of Varsity’s wins within the last week of January, Mead is sad to see senior wrestlers go but wishes them the best.