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Mead High School’s Student News

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Mead High School’s Student News

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Makeup is used widely and regularly.

Expired makeup can have negative effects on skincare

Rebekah Dennis, Writer May 16, 2024

The use of expired makeup isn't uncommon, but there are disadvantages, and caution must occur for each unique product. Every brand and type of makeup has different shelf lives and expiration dates. Dermatologists...

Plants are great decor for any space.

Plants are a great way to spice up a space

Abby Kearns, Managing Editor February 28, 2024

If you're looking to invigorate your space, plants are the perfect way to accomplish this. There are many house plants that are easy to take care of and bring life into your space. Plants aren’t only...

Girl dinner is an insensitive trend striking young minds.

Gen Z feeds into eating disorder culture with “girl dinner” trend (Satire)

Shayd Fuller, Content Editor February 2, 2024

Eating disorders are defined as “any of a range of mental conditions in which there is a persistent disturbance of eating behavior and impairment of physical or mental health,” according to Oxford...

Holistic medicine is a modern approach to healthcare and should be sought out more.

Holistic medicine has many benefits

Shayd Fuller, Content Editor January 14, 2024

Holistic medicine is an attitudinal approach to health care. Diet, psychotherapy, exercise, and counseling are all possible approaches to holistic treatment, allowing patients a natural way of healing....

Make-up by Millie Bobbi Brown is displayed on a counter.

Beauty is pain—literally

Isabella Pacotti, Writer October 19, 2023

Makeup has been an ever-changing process of trial and error. The makeup we have today is safe for us to use, but, in the past, makeup would contain toxic poisons that lead to complications. Arsenic is...

While physical hurt entitles the athlete to take a break from their sport, mental hurt often gets pushed aside and played through, only making it worse

Mental hurt in athletics has worse implications than physical hurt (Opinion)

Enola Potter, Writer April 4, 2023

Being hurt mentally is worse than being physically hurt in a sport that you love and dedicate yourself to. Studies show the mental health aspect is more important in sports than physical health, yet this...

Natural selection has played a role in lactose intolerance, with areas in East Asia having up to 95% lactose intolerance in their population.

Milk provides many nutrients, but has its drawbacks

Natalie Yoder, Copy & Design Editor December 14, 2022

In the past, we’ve all been told, “You need to be drinking milk to grow big and strong!” Dairy is considered an essential food group, and it’s been part of the human diet for thousands of years....

Snow days are now being replaced by online learning, but that shouldnt be the case.

Online learning days are unnecessary and detrimental to student productivity (Editorial)

Editorial Board, Writer November 18, 2022

Editorials are articles written by a publication’s editors to express a shared opinion or discuss a topic editors think needs more attention. These articles are meant to persuade readers and to promote...

August is a great month to start focusing on self care and self management.

August is national wellness month

Aspen Bingham, Content Editor August 30, 2022

The month of August is the national wellness month. This month focuses on self care, healthy lifestyles, and managing stress levels. August is the perfect excuse to start focusing on yourself and make...

American media often contains false information spread without proper research or questioning.

Misinformation surrounding Roe v. Wade overturn spreading across media

Skylar Whalen, Editor-in-Chief July 25, 2022

Roe v. Wade was officially overturned by the Supreme Court on June 24, 2022. Since the court’s decision, controversies and misinformation have spread through the media. Misinformation has caused further...

Birth control is not only used for pregnancy prevention.

Misconceptions about birth control lead to social stigmas (Opinion)

Melia Sloss and Jorja Haskin May 18, 2022

Birth control, typically viewed solely as a contraceptive, has various other uses that are unknown to many. Complications that might arrive in individuals, such as irregular period cycles, heavy blood...

Breakfast does not have to be a full course meal; just some protein in your body would be enough to properly get your day started.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

Ana Carrillo, Editor May 15, 2022

You’ve probably heard that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”. But it’s been proven true. Breakfast is the first meal of the day, and it is critical for the body to be ready to...

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