Lindsey Laporte takes position of Mead’s new dean of students

Lindsey Laporte joins the administrative team as the dean of students for the 2021-2022 school year.


DJ Gallegos

Ms. Leporte is excited to join the administrative staff in her first year as dean of students.

Though the dean of students can be seen as an intimidating figure, Lindsey Laporte comes across as upfront, kind, and friendly. This is Ms. Laporte’s first year here at Mead High and first her year working as an administrator.

She said, “A couple years ago I would never [have] imagine[d] that I was going to be an administrator — I loved being a teacher. I loved the impact I had with supporting teachers that led to supporting and impacting students.”

Ms. Laporte had many different roles in education before she came to Mead High School. Last year, she was an instructional coordinator (also known as a curriculum developer) that supported various Fredrick feeder schools, including Mead. This entailed supporting teachers, instruction, and assessment. Before her work as an instructional coordinator, Ms. Laporte was a learning and technology coach at Fredrick and Coalridge Middle School for two years. Before those positions, she got her start in education as a math teacher, which she did for 10 years.

Though Ms. Laporte misses “building relationships and connections” with students, being the dean of students actually allows her to work more directly students in some ways, unlike her previous positions.

As the Dean of students, Ms. Laporte has many different roles including supporting the building vision admission, supporting students setting their goals, and assisting students with the last name M-R while working with counselors. She has the opportunity to do professional development with teachers as well as teacher evaluation and support. However, Ms. Laporte also gets to do exciting things like going to football games, homecoming, and other school activities. While a part of her position is to discipline, she shares that role with other administrators. Ms. Laporte mainly aims to help and support students. 

In her personal life, Ms. Laporte enjoys spending time outside with her two kids and husband Matthew. She also likes doing yoga. On the weekend her family is often hiking, camping, and snowboarding. When she was in high school, Laporte was a dancer, which she kept pursuing for years afterwards. 

In Ms. Laporte’s personal history, she has traveled and done service work, two passions of hers. She visited places like England, Ireland, and France, right after college. She also backpacked through Central America in 2006. Later, Laporte did an educational outreach program in Guatemala, living and working with girls in an orphanage. 

Ms. Laporte said she has had a great experience so far, saying she feels Mead’s values have been exemplified at this school. Laporte says friendly students are always showing and representing the Maverick way, students have been welcoming and the parents are understanding. “It’s so warm… I wake up every day so excited to be here.”