Mead High is saying goodbye to secretary Lisa Shields

Loved and appreciated by staff and students alike, Mrs. Lisa Shields is moving on to spend time closer to family in Missouri


John David

Lisa Shields says that she “loves the atmosphere at Mead High and loves to be around the kids”.

Lisa Shields has been a part of the Mead High School family since it was a corn field. She was one of the parents on the original hiring committee before the school was first built.

Her oldest daughter was part of the freshman class that graduated after attending Mead High for four years.

Ms. Shields’ husband was also the mayor of the town of Mead for four years and a trustee for two years prior. He was reelected for a second four year term, but resigned because he wanted to focus on family, according to Shields.

She has been employed by SVVSD since 2018 where she first started off as the attendance clerk after her youngest daughter graduated.

Shields said, “I needed to still be involved with the school.”

She soon became the communications secretary after one school year. 

Shields is well known by community members, students, and staff for the relationships she builds with those around her. 

Campus Supervisor Wade Weese said one of his fondest memories is about their playful football banter that occurred during last year’s Super Bowl. Shields was rooting for the Chiefs while Weese is an avid Tom Brady enthusiast. 

He teased her by saying, “Tom Brady is the G.O.A.T. and he will win, it doesn’t matter what team he is on.”

When the Buccaneers won, Weese decorated Shield’s desk with about 200 pictures of Tom Brady to further lightheartedly taunt the loss of her team.

Ms. Rachel Salaz, another close staff member, said that she and Shields are like “two peas in a pod — finishing each other’s sentences verbatim”.

There are many students who have been close with Ms. Shields, whether it’s students who want to race attendance down to the office for a substitute just to see her or students who have leaned on Shields for advice. She will be missed by many. 

Maggie Oster (23’) said, “Every time the chance is there, I want to take the attendance down to the office to see her.”

Ana Carrillo (23’) added, “She [has] always looked after me and helped me achieve a better me.”

Ms. Shields will be leaving and moving at the end of this semester. She plans on going back to Carthage, Missouri where she grew up and is very close to many members of her family.

Shields said, “It is the time in life where my kids are raised and off starting their own families, so it is time to put ourselves in a position to be around our parents as they are getting older.”

In her words, she is “excited for this new chapter”.

Shields is very attached to the MHS building and community — she will miss everything. She said that she “loves the town and the people, so [she] will definitely come back to visit anytime [she is] in Colorado”.

Shields also said, “I am leaving all of my information with the office, so I am looking forward to receiving graduation announcements in the years to come.”

When asked for a final message to leave with the students of Mead High, Ms. Shields said that if she was asked to do high school again her answer would always be “yes, because it is one of the greatest times of [someone’s] life and there is a lot that you go through”.

“It is not always fun, but everything that you experience makes you who you will be twenty years from now… Don’t take [high school] too seriously, but seriously enough that you learn and grow,” she encouraged.