Mead Girls Basketball set to compete in Final Four

While the team faces tough competition, they have a solid strategy moving forward


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Celebrating their win, the girls pose for a photo with coaches and supporters

The Girls Basketball Team looks to continue their long winning streak through the playoffs and regular season against their league rivals Windsor. While they lost to Windsor in their final regular season game against them, Coach JR Sagner and the players still believe they can win in a tough matchup. 

In an interview with Brent W. New from BoCo preps, Coach Sagner said, “We got to adjust to their defensive intensity.”

“If we can adjust to their defensive intensity, I think everything else will be okay. We struggled to keep them off the boards the last time we played them. They killed us there, so we’ve been putting a lot of focus on that. I hope we’re a little better and more prepared for them,” he added. 

Leaders such as Maddox Boston (‘22) and Kyra Haan (‘23) look to continue their monster runs after combining for 46 points in their great 8 game against Severance. 

Edie Morrow (‘22) averaged 1.1 blocks per game, leading the team in the category. Charlotte Brennan (‘23) looks to continue her run as the leader in assists per game, averaging 2.8 on the season. 

The team looks to change their defense in the upcoming game. 

Morrow (‘22) said “[We look to our defense] our intensity and ability to communicate with each other… We put in a new defense in preparation for the game”.

She also said, “We’re all looking forward to playing with the girls, and it doesn’t matter the outcome, we’ve had a great season.”

Members of the team admitted that they are facing a tough competition this weekend. 

Boston (22) said, “Windsor plays their defense pretty strong, and it’s going to be hard to compete if we have a ton of turnovers, so taking care of the ball and working to get a great shot instead of a good one is going to be very important.”

To combat such a strong team, the girls have plans. 

Haan (‘23) said, “Windsor is going to try to take advantage of our smaller size by getting the ball to their post Olivia Reed and looking for shots from the paint. To work with that, we’re hoping to pack in the paint and force them to beat us from the 3 point line.”