SAT to be fully online by 2023

By 2023, the SAT will be administered fully online outside of the U.S., and by 2024, the switch will happen within the nation


Mason Thompson

Students in the country can expect to take an online SAT as soon as 2024.

On Jan. 25th, College Board officially announced to the public that the SAT will be taken online. The digital SAT format will start in 2023 for international students and in 2024 for U.S.-based students. College Board declared that 80% of college students that participated in the pilot found the test to be less stressful. 

“The digital SAT will be easier to take, easier to give, and more relevant,” said Priscilla Rodriguez, vice president of College Board. The new digital test will still be scored out of 1600 but will be shorter in length. This test is suspected to take 2 hours instead of the 3 hours it required before. The reading sections are suspected to be shorter in length but still give the information needed for students to answer related questions. Organizers state the online test will give the test-takers more time per question.

College Board is very optimistic about the changes that are going to be made in the near future. A few small details are still being worked before this change is implemented in schools.

This transition will impact students and test-administrators, and it may be hard to adjust to in the future. However, as society is leaning more and more towards digital learning and away from unnecessary testing, the SAT is effectively adapting.