After an unfortunate loss, off season work will help Boys Varsity Soccer come back stronger

Hard work and leadership will hopefully help the team towards their goal of winning state


Mead High Soccer Families

Mead Boys Varsity Soccer team huddles for a quick talk.

Following an early playoff loss this season, Boys Varsity Soccer is coming back next year with a championship on their mind. How will they do this? Hard work, leadership, and some good luck is the key to their success, according to the team.

After a 10-5-1 season, Mead Boys Varsity Soccer expected to keep the fire alive and go all the way to the championship. However, an overtime loss against Summit brought the season to a fast halt. Despite this heartbreaking loss, the soccer team hopes to bounce back next season and rekindle that flame. 

Offseason work is just as important, if not more, than regular season work. The hard work put into the offseason is what sets the strengths of the team for the next season, and it can be vital to establishing a championship winning team. 

Trevor Kurtz (‘25) said, “[During the offseason] I’m going to train harder than I have in past seasons, keep a positive mentality on and off the field, and really focus on what I need to fix.” A championship requires time and effort, and these boys are ready to put in the work.

Working during the offseason will be a major part in winning next season, but leadership also plays a large role in the development of a successful team. Leadership is one of the core values for the team, however, the loss of senior leaders could impact the way next season develops. 

Countering these hardships, the team has faith that next year’s incoming seniors can bring the team together for a potential championship. “As a junior going to be a senior… I just have to really do my part in the leadership role,” said Dalton Berg (‘24). 

Berg (‘24), along with other juniors, hope to bring the team together and inspire the new players next season. With the incoming leaders and players alike, the Mead soccer team is hoping to come back better than ever.

Since juniors have to fill the leadership role of seniors next season, there will need to be learning opportunities from the past season for the team. Berg (‘24) in particular appears to be ready to fill that void with leadership of his own.

Learning from this previous season could prove to be yet another factor in winning a championship. According to Devin Gonzalez (’25), “You can’t let one mistake get to you or else it’s going to throw your whole game off.”

Gonzalez (‘25), and many other players on the team, find that the mistakes of the team this year are part of their tough loss. 

Along with learning from mistakes, the team also aims to look at the positives from the past season. Berg (’24) said, “I’ve learned how to be a leader.”

Leadership, learning from your mistakes, and hard work are the foundation for Mead High Boys Varsity Soccer; With their hopes to come back and win the state championship next year, they just might have a shot.