Seniors Wren Pritchett and Mateo Gonzaga create podcast “The Gen Z Stoic”

These podcasters hope to bring lots of awareness to current topics through a stoic lens


Mateo Gonzaga

Wren Pritchett (‘23) and Mateo Gonzaga (‘23) are always working on a new episode.

Mateo Gonzaga (‘23) and Wren Pritchett (‘23) have entered the podcasting world with their new show “The Gen Z Stoic”. New episodes are released weekly on Mondays at 4 p.m. Episodes can be found on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, RSS, and Youtube. Listeners can also follow their social platforms on Instagram and TikTok

These two have been planning on making this podcast for a while. Gonzaga (‘23) said, “We kind of found a mutual partnership, and we started planning it all out.” The natural chemistry between the two is evident in their episodes, with flowing conversations and interesting insight on difficult topics.

“We’re both ambitious and have a vision,” said Gonzaga (‘23).

Pritchett (‘23) agreed, explaining their values and view on life aligned with one another.

The two bonded over stoicism, and Gonzaga (‘23) said they “both learned a lot from each other” on the topic.

Pritchett (‘23) and Gonzaga’s (‘23) have their own personal definition: “stoicism is the pursuit of self mastery through your emotions, perseverance through hardship and seeking wisdom. Essentially, it’s just emphasizing the constant evolution of your mind and your body and your soul.”

Stoicism contains four main values to strive for: wisdom, courage, justice, and temperance (or moderation). Gonzaga (‘23) said, “We’ve both gone through pretty rough things. We’ve gone through bad situations, and, for both of us, we used that philosophy to pull ourselves out of it and help each other.”

“If that can happen for us, why can’t we take that message to other people and help them in a similar way?” he continued.

In terms of feedback, Pritchett (‘23) said, “We’ve definitely had constructive feedback that we like. We want to use that and then apply it to the next episodes to make it more engaging and have people watch it.” He continued, “It’s probably the most useful tool we have to appeal to the people in our audience.”

The duo wants to strive for success and help people their age by showing different views and aspects of stoicism. They both agreed that “this generation needs the truth more than ever [and] stoicism is just honest in every aspect”.

Gonzaga (‘23) feels very passionate about stoicism keeping people away from the “fake” areas of life. He said, “Stoicism… seeks meaning, seeks understanding, seeks those real passionate things instead of just shallow and fake things.”

He encouraged his peers to seek meaning and purpose of instant dopamine.

Pritchett (‘23) said, “[People] live the same day over and over, not really trying to change… You want to be uncomfortable, that’s where you grow.” He feels that the real “depth of stoicism” is that discomfort in order to make much needed changes.

Gonzaga (’23) said “this podcast [was] derived from light.”

“Stoicism kind of just helped both of us get out of a dark place,” Pritchett (‘23) added.

Both seniors have grown and hope to help others become better versions of themself. They said if you take time and invest energy into watching or listening to the podcast, it is guaranteed that you’ll come out with new information, so to just give it a try. They said this podcast is hopefully a help for people wanting to make changes in their life. In every episode, they emphasize if you are looking for someone to reach out to, they are both available to be objective listeners and help in whatever way possible. 

Overall, this podcast highlights how to apply stoicism to everyday life (especially for new learners).

There is also a special guest spot giveaway for those interested. Listen to their latest episode for steps to becoming a guest on the podcast. The final date for the guest spot giveaway is March 31; entry closes March 28.