Colorado DMV offers affordable state park pass

Residents can save 60% if they buy through the DMV


Angel Villalobos

This pass can be purchased through the DMV and comes with many benefits.

As of Jan. 1, 2023, Colorado residents can now acquire a cheaper state park pass through the DMV when they renew their annual vehicle registration.

For just $29, the Keep Colorado Wild Pass grants residents entry to all 43 parks in the state and helps support local groups and businesses in the area as well as supply Coloradans with an affordable option to see the great outdoors.

While the pass grants foot, bike, and car entry into all Colorado state parks, it’s important to note that it does exempt and restrict access from federal recreation fee areas, state wildlife areas, or state trust lands. It additionally doesn’t grant any special privileges besides park entry, so activities like camping and fishing still require the necessary licenses.

With the addition of the pass, it’s anticipated that sales will generate at least $2.5 million. The money will be utilized to supply search and rescue teams with equipment. The next $1 million would fund avalanche safety programs and increase the overall safety of Colorado.

When the pass is bought, a Colorado Parks and Wildlife logo is printed on the registration card. Passes can’t be transferred between vehicles, though, so be sure to wisely select the vehicle to purchase the pass with.

Any additional money raised will fund the State Wildlife Action Plan, which funds habitat conservation and wildlife work for 960 species.

“Choosing the Keep Colorado Wild Pass when registering your vehicle is a great way to support our state park system, search and rescue teams, and much more,” said Electra Bustle, Colorado’s DMV Senior Director.

The pass is valid during a vehicle’s registration period and expires on the registration expiration date.

“Our agency is excited to offer affordable access to parks through this conservation pass and we are grateful for our state’s desire to invest more into protecting our great outdoors,” said Heather Disney Dugan, CPW’s Acting Director.

She continued, “Whether you use the pass to visit state parks or just want to show support for wildlife programs and outdoor first responders, your contribution helps protect the outdoor lifestyle our communities treasure.”