Spring Break at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo: a photo essay

This zoo in Colorado Springs houses a variety of animals and is very interactive

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  • The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs was founded by philanthropist Spencer Penrose. Penrose also founded the Broadmoor hotel, along with other Colorado Springs projects, in the early 1900s. Today, the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo has various exhibits, some of which are interactive.

  • The first exhibit gave visitors the opportunity to visit with and feed the zoo’s giraffes. These magnificent animals weren’t afraid to even lick the onlookers, trying to find more lettuce.

  • Two calves were born this year at the zoo: an adorable giraffe and a cute hippocampus. Both babies held close to their mothers.

  • Two lions sat side by side. Both were similar in coloring and size. Onlookers roared behind the glass while the lions simply acknowledged their existence.

  • In the Scutes Family Gallery the words “Beautiful”, “Understandable”, and “Memorable” are hung on the wall. This Tokay Gecko is certainly memorable with its beautiful orange spot contrast.

  • Tristen, the Matschie’s tree kangaroo, sleeps in a praying position. Tristen is part of the Australia Walkabout exhibit.

  • Blown glass sculptures were present throughout the exhibit. The crested gecko peaked out from the glass bowl at the zoo visitors.

  • Even with its camouflaged scales, this Gecko’s beautiful heather eyes are clear in the sunlight. The New Caledonian giant gecko is the largest kind of gecko.

  • Through all the leafy vegetation it’s tricky to find this creature. Along the rope, though, hides the veiled chameleon.

  • The beaver sleeps peacefully in its lodge, hidden away from view.

  • At the Domestic Goat Playground, I met Colby. Colby was very calm and enjoyed plenty of hugs and belly rubs. At this exhibit, visitors were given the opportunity to pet and brush a group of goats for free.

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