“Baby Berry” has arrived, and Ms. Berry takes maternity leave

Choir teacher Ms. Berry’s baby boy was born on March 22


Skylar Whalen

Ms. Berry told her classes about her baby by showing them a video with blue baby shoes.

Roken Wynn Harris was born March 22, 2023. Choir students and the “choir family” have been waiting for the arrival of Ms. Rikelle Berry’s baby boy for eight months now.

Choir students found out about Berry’s pregnancy by playing a choir game, guessing certain songs before other choir sections in the class. These songs had an underlying baby theme that came slow to some and right away to others. Then, Berry introduced her pregnancy in a video depicting three pairs of Converse shoes. Two were labeled with: Mrs. Harris and Mr. Harris. The other pair were blue baby-sized Converse. 

Ms. Berry’s last name is technically Harris. The former choir accompanist has the same last name, Harris, so Berry decided to go by her maiden name for teaching.

Berry posted the video to Instagram on Aug. 26, 2022. Comments came in support of the Harris family and their expected child. Former accompanist, Ms. Sarah Harris congratulated the new parents, saying, “You guys will be awesome parents!!”

On Friday, Sep. 2 at 3:00 p.m., a gender reveal was held for “Baby Berry”. In the week leading up to this reveal, students took part in a penny war to vote for the gender that they thought Baby Berry would be. The blue boy jar ended up winning, and the gender reveal proved this prediction correct. When students found out from a popped black balloon and blue confetti, they cheered excitedly for the new baby boy.

While Ms. Berry is gone with her newborn son for the rest of the school year, student teacher Mr. Marco Navarra will be substituting in her place.