Valentine’s Day is approaching, and singing valentines are still awkward

For the low price of $5 you can buy your friends quick and easy embarrassment this February 14th during B6


MHS’ 2018 Singing Valentines Day poster.

Conner Henman, Broadcaster

Valentine’s day is coming! And whether or not you have your perfect Valentine by your side this season, one thing’s for sure: Singing Valentines are back, and they’re embarrassing students and teachers alike. Whether you are a singing valentine, or you’re receiving one, it’s equally embarrassing, according to Alec Mueller, who is a singing valentine, and Olivia Smith, who has received two.

During breakfast break and lunch on Monday the 12th, and Tuesday the 13th, students and staff members can order Singing Valentines ($5 each) for fellow classmates or teachers.

During Block 6 on Valentine’s Day, a group of students will go to classes and will serenade the lucky recipients. Each song is only a couple of minutes long.

“It’s a little awkward, just serenading someone you’ve mostly never met before with constant unbreakable eye contact” says Sophomore Alec Mueller, who has been a singing valentine since his freshman year.

Junior Olivia Smith, who received two singing valentines her freshman year, agrees that they are awkward. When asked about her experience, she said, “Yes, oh yes, very [awkward]. And I still don’t know who bought them for me” to quote.

Whether you’re buying a singing valentine for your best friend, or for your significant other, one thing’s for certain, embarrassment will be plentiful during B6 this February 14th.