Mead Varsity Girls’ Basketball starts the season off with a bang

With the Girls varsity Basketball opening up here at home they gave a hint of what to look forward to this season.

With the Girls’ Varsity Basketball team kicking off their season against Longmont, Mead looks to start the season off with a win. Before this very intense game on November 30 between the two, Maddie Muntz, a junior at Mead, said in an exclusive interview, “We’ve been preparing for this game. I think that we are all nervous but excited at the same time to get out there. We all need to go into this game confident and willing to work together as a team. I believe that we can go in and win this game as long as we work hard.” That they did, they put up 54 points against Longmont while holding Longmont to 36 points.

Many in the stands were ready to see this year’s basketball season kick off as well. The student section was very energetic and seemed ready for another basketball season. Abby Sprague, a student at Mead, was asked how she thought this years basketball team will do and she responded by saying, “I believe it will be a good one! We have a lot of talented players on this team.” Also, when asked how many games she will be attending, she said “As many as I can.”

This season the Mavericks have been faced with the challenge of having a young team. Savanna Griebling speaks on this saying “I feel like having such a young team is a blessing. It is a blessing because we have lots of room for improvement , but I feel like if us young guards get it together then we could have a very powerful team.”

A freshman on varsity, Maddox Boston, said, “Being a freshman on varsity is exciting but I feel like there’s a ton of pressure on me.” When asked how she felt to be playing her first varsity basketball game she responded, “I’m super nervous and have been nervous all week for this game.” Maddox is the only freshman on the girls varsity basketball team.

With Abbey Glynn and Savanna Griebling being the top scorers, with 11 points each, the girls overtook Longmont with a win. The Mead Girls’ Basketball team is nothing to doubt this year. Keep an eye out for them throughout the year as they start off the season 1-0.