Baseball athletes look towards the future of their season

Two baseball players give their perspectives on this baseball season along with their coach, Randy Click


Players Jason Torbeck and Jalen Martinez pose with their jerseys.

Baseball has finally started up, and players are excited to see how this season will progress from last year. At the beginning of the season, the coaches hadn’t been able to see their kids in a game situation because both of their scrimmages had been canceled due to snow; however, in the weeks following there have nine games. 

The players have a gut feeling that it will be a good year to play Mead baseball.

Mr. Randy Click, the Head Baseball Coach, feels like this year will be challenging for Varsity.

He said, “We added 4 more games to our schedule, a trip to Arizona, and tougher non-conference opponents.” Mr. Click believes that the kids will be up for the challenge. Having the team lose several important seniors could be rough keeping up their reputation.

Even though there will be growing pains from losing some important seniors, Mr. Click has noticed that they have been showing up with fire.

“Our Varsity guys have come out with great attitudes and work ethic. As long as they don’t lose that fire I believe that we can be just as competitive as last season,” Mr. Click says.

Sophomore Jason Torbeck got the position of JV starter at shortstop. Torbeck is looking forward to this season and said, “I feel like this year will be good and we will go further than we did last year.”

Torbeck played Mead baseball last year at shortstop, catcher, and outfield.  This year he tried out for the same positions and got all three. He is ready to go out on the field to make sure that those positions stay his.

Torbeck has been playing baseball almost all his life, and throughout the years he has become a strong baseball player. During tryouts, Torbeck felt like he did good, but there are still things that he can work on throughout the season.

Sophomore Jalen Martinez also made JV, but he isn’t a starter. Martinez hasn’t played baseball in a while so he is happy that he made JV. He feels like this will be a good season as well.

He said, I’m very happy with how practices and how tryouts went and I can’t wait for the season to start.” 

Martinez also plays shortstop so he will be one of the kids competing to take Torbeck’s spot because he would like more time to play in the game. Although Martinez will be competing to take Torbeck’s spot, he will also be cheering for him when he’s in the game. They are both good friends so they will be rooting for whoever is on and off the field.

Martinez and Torbeck have been working hard through the season so far and Mead couldn’t be happier with the players that we have this season.