A Thank You to those who served our country

As your local student newspaper, we’d like to take a moment to say thank to and honor those in our lives who have served


Aiden Owen

A veteran shakes hands with students of MHS.

Editorial Board

It is not an easy thing to join the services of the United State military. Whether a soldier, a sailor, a marine, an airman, a coast guardsman, or a member of a special forces unit, serving your country is not always as glorious as television shows.

It is important to honor those that have served or are serving, as well as thank those that are on their way to service, regardless of their occupation or role within the military. Every branch has their role in protecting the country of the United States. Every member within the branch has their job to help the operation or the running of the branch.

In order to honor the members of our community that have served our country or are currently serving our country, the staff of The Mav have put together a slideshow of those that have valiantly joined the United States services.

Please click here to access our slideshow. We are excited to share it with you!