MHS’s Culinary Nutrition class is more than meets the eye

Not every student is going to graduate and study rocket science, but all will eventually need to cook for themselves; this class helps us do that


DJ Gallegos

Mrs. Katie Saenz works on her computer to manage hybrid learning.

Students in Ms. Saenz’s Culinary Nutrition class at Mead High School learn more than what can be captured in a simple letter grade: they learn real-life skills to use after high school. 

In this class, students learn the basic skills they will need in any home kitchen, such as how to properly use ovens, knives, and more, as well as how to prepare food safely (chicken, for example). This is not another “home ec” class or what your parents took in high school. 

This course not only gives students practical art credit, but it teaches them crucial culinary lessons for life after they leave the MHS building. 

“It is the number one thing you’ll apply after high school,” said Ms. Saenz. 

Students agree that this course is extremely helpful.

Ariel Harper (‘23) said, “[This class] helped me become a better cook and… learn a lot of real-life skills.” 

Other students agree, commenting that Culinary Nutrition is an enjoyable class that students can take a lot away from.

Ruby Hendrix-Johnson (‘21) said, “I feel like I truly learned not only how to cook but also how to enjoy cooking for myself and people around me.”

As a result of COVID-19 restrictions, students cannot cook in the classroom at this time; however, that inconvenience should not inhibit students from trying the class next year. It is not too late to contact your counselor and register.