The cheer team receives new coaches after years of issues with coach position

The cheer team has had years of struggle with keeping coaches around, meaning student captains have had to lead the team more than once


Faith Hale

Despite challenges, the cheer team still practices and brings Maverick spirit to Mead games. (Photo from 2019.)

For the last few years, the Mead High cheer team has faced many trials and tribulations, specifically with their coaches. So much so that they’ve had periods when they haven’t had a coach at all, leaving the responsibility to the athletic director and the captain until a coach is found.

Though some were surprised by athletic director Mr. Chad Eisentrager being the only supervisor of the cheer team during the winter of the 2021-2022 school year, it would seem that this was not the first time the team was left without a coach.

Back in 2018, the cheer team lost their coach and the team was taken over by the captain at the time, Alena Burris. That fall, teachers Ms. Alissa Mavrotheris and Ms. Alaina Metiever began coaching the team and stayed until 2020. 

When Mavrotheris stopped teaching at Mead, cheer was once again left coachless, this time for an entire summer, which was also the summer of 2020. Despite several challenges, though, Ms. Alissa Guetirez began coaching in the fall. Guetriez had previously coached at Erie High School and went back in the winter of 2021, bringing us up to date. 

As of right now, the team has secured a coach and co-coach, Sam Grey and Lauren Gray.

The head coach, Sam, took up the position partly because she isn’t a stranger to the school.

“I was the first ever cheer captain of Mead High School. I also got into [this position] because my sister is Ms. Goshia, who teaches statistics at the school,” she said.

Taking up the coaching included knowing the rocky history the team has had with coaches. However, Sam said, “I knew there were [previous] issues when I joined, but I didn’t find it to be anything to worry about.”

She continued, “It’s been going really well, getting to know all the girls.” 

Hopefully, Sam and Lauren are here to stay and will lead the team in a unified direction.