Students ranks five Met Gala looks best to worst

The 2022 Met Gala theme was gilded glamour, and some looks were amazing, while others severely disappointed

Stacy Avitia, Managing Editor

After a couple of COVID-19 years, the Met Gala is finally back on track. The Met is usually held the first Monday of May, and this year it was on May 2. I personally thought there were a lot of disappointing looks this year, especially when the theme was so exciting. Why make a dress code if no one really adheres to it? Many that attended had their own modern take of the theme that contributed to their outfits for the night.

Starting off, Dove Cameron wore a skeletal gown by Iris Van Herpen. At first glance, it may not seem like it meets the theme, but the outline of the stiff structure of the corset and the dramatic arch in the bustle were common in the gilded age. The piece is white, which represents transformation. This was her first Met Gala, and she looked stunning. Dove took a unique perspective of the theme with Iris’ modern vision.

I loved the gold plated looks we got from Cardi B wearing Versace. This is a similar look to Megan Thee Stallion in Moschino gown. They both look amazing, covered top to bottom in gold. Cardi had her neck covered in gold chains and her arms in gold gloves, and it really gave “gilded”. Megan had a beautiful cut out gown with a feather shawl also gold top to bottom.

Hailey Bieber had an elegant look wearing Saint Laurent with a feathered wrap. She went very simple, maybe a little too simple for the Met. She was nowhere on theme, and she could’ve done a lot more — we all know she can pull off anything. Nonetheless, she still looked nice. 

This might be a surprise to say that this one isn’t the worst look on the carpet. But Kourtney Kardashian was certainly close. What’s happening? She looks like the designer forgot to make the dress and just stitched scraps left over onto her, which, Thom Browne admits, is basically what actually happened. Thom Browne confirmed that Kardashian’s look was created “using the tailored pieces that Travis Barker wears reconstructed to showcase her individuality with exposed construction details”. Despite the intention, she wasn’t on theme, and this style couldn’t be any more inappropriate for the Met Gala. However her fiancé, Travis Backer, looked great.

The worst look was Dave Lauren. I don’t care what trend he was trying to pull off or who told him this was okay for him to wear in public, but this was not it. Ralph Lauren did not display any talent. Dave was simply underdressed. Not sure if he was trying to make a statement with the jeans, but it did not impress; it was not powerful or edgy or courageous, and I hated all of it. I was stunned that they let him on the carpet. As a viewer and fan of the Met, his invitation should have been revoked.

Overall, there was a mix of good and bad this year.