Counselor communication often doesn’t get through to students

Despite constant communication, college, scholarship, and career information from counseling often doesn’t get through to students


DJ Gallegos

In a press conference with The Mav, counselors admitted that their information often isn’t heard by students despite their efforts.

Haley Justin, Writer

Counselors are constantly communicating with the students of MHS. They send out information about scholarships, college and career opportunities and planning, and their newsletter.

“We reach out by email, Infinite Campus, and Schoology updates. We also have our podcast,” said counselor Ms. Maura Brady-McMullen.

When asked who the counseling team tries to reach, Ms. Brady-McMullen responded, “We are always trying to reach students first and then family and guardians… which is a very close second.” Brady-McMullen and the counseling team ideally want the response from students, but they also want input from parents and guardians.

Some students will go to their counselors and ask about college and scholarship options, not knowing that emails have already been sent out. The counselors recommend that you check your email everyday for information to answer questions.

“It’s just something that you’re going to have to do everyday of your adult life,” Brady-McMullen said. Counselors hope that if more students check their email, there will be more action taken. 

These opportunities and information are mostly sent out through email because, despite adults following the school’s social media accounts, some students don’t. They want parents and guardians to know that they are connecting with the students and giving them options for communicatio.

Ms. Brady-McMullen continued, “It’s hard to Snapchat, Instagram, and Tweet things out because students don’t follow those things.”

The counseling team will continue to send out these emails, and if the students and guardians have any suggestions on how to get more students to take up these college and career opportunities, the counseling team would love to hear them.