AP Psychology is a popular class amongst students

Whether it’s the applicable content or a fantastic teacher, this class has inspired tremendous student interest in the inner workings of the human condition


Marina Goter

Ms. Sandoval teaches AP Psychology and is passionate about the content.

Mason McClellan, Editor

Arguably one of the most popular classes offered at MHS is AP Psychology. Over the years this course has been offered at Mead, it has blossomed into something that many students, regardless of their background, get excited over.

Perhaps this has to do with the intuitive nature of the class, the high passing rate on the AP exam, or the fun and energetic teachings of someone like Ms. Rachel Sanvadal.

When speaking to students currently in the class, nothing but great things were shared. AP Psych student Karrlynn Lee (‘23) said, “I love the class for how much it applies to my everyday life; I see it all over the place.”

Connor O’Neill (‘22) said that he enjoys the class because it’s unique and different from other classes offered. He said, “I felt like it was a fun class that at the same time prepared me for what the material in college would look like.”

Multiple students spoke about how easily it relates to their everyday lives. Both Lee (‘23) and O’Neill (‘22) mentioned how they saw something they learned from class “in the halls” or “on [the] drive to school every morning”.

Ms. Sandoval said the central reason students should take psychology is that it teaches kids what’s happening in their minds and their own life. She said, “This class offers teenagers the chance to learn about the behavior and mental process of themselves and others.”

“More importantly, students learn how to learn and become more metacognitive and aware of themselves, and this is something that they can apply in every class, career, and relationship that they will ever have,” she continued.

There are a few helpful tips that current or previous AP Psych students would like current or upcoming students to know.

The first is that the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself is to stay involved. This means paying attention in class and doing the readings as they are assigned. Falling behind doesn’t mean there’s no chance at catching up — if you missed some notes for a unit, come back to them later when you’re caught up with the new material.

AP Psych students as a whole also stressed the importance of staying organized. By keeping your class content organized, you will be able to study easier and more efficiently. Along with your binder, stay on top of the syllabus and when projects and quizzes are due.

Finally, students overall shared to make sure you actively enjoy the class. This is an incredible opportunity to learn in an interactive class full of others who are equally excited about the material. By taking a second to appreciate what you are learning and recognize how it fits into your life, you will find that spending the extra time with the homework is easier. 

This is a college-level class that will at times be challenging, but according to MHS students, learning about yourself and those around you is worth it.