Traded quarterback Russell Wilson shows great promise for Denver Broncos

The first training camp of the season highlights Broncos quarterback Russell Willson

Skylar Whalen, Editor

The first Broncos training camp of the 2022 season took place on Wednesday, July 27. The team waited in anticipation to see how newly-recruited quarterback Russell Wilson would perform. Wilson, jersey number three, is a particularly exciting 2022 draft pick for the upcoming season. USA Today ranks Wilson six out of 32 quarterbacks in the NFL.

In the past six years, the Denver Broncos have gone through 12 quarterbacks in their attempt to make it to the playoffs and into the Super Bowl. This has been unsuccessful since 2016, when they won Super Bowl XV, and star quarterback Peyton Manning retired. 

As of 2014, when both Manning and Wilson played in the NFL, most of Manning’s stats were higher than Wilson’s, but Wilson’s followed close behind. Manning had a completion rate of 65.5 percent, whereas Wilson had a 63.6 percent completion rate. Wilson beat Manning’s quarterback rating of 97.2 with his own of 100.6. Wilson also had an average of 32.1 rush yards per game compared to Manning’s 2.9. According to Sport Scroll, Wilson “will want to follow in Manning’s footsteps and show that he’s a true leader”.

The same source continued, “Wilson is also more productive than Manning was in his final season in Denver.”

Wilson has since grown as a player, and dedicates himself to football. He has a whole team of coordinators and specialists in their respective fields that have his back. These include first-time offensive coordinator Justin Outten, passing coordinator Klint Kubiak, and personal quarterback coach Jake Heaps. He is also supported by his team of assistants: a personal trainer and a strength and conditioning coach, along with Denver’s head coach Nathaniel Hackett and the rest of the Broncos team.

According to the Colorado Springs Gazette, Wilson had a very strong day at the Broncos’ first training camp of the season. “He arrived at the facility at 5 a.m. — five hours before practice began — to get extra reps in. And he tossed two touchdowns to tight end Eric Saubert in the team drills,” it said. 

His performance was very promising. One of the touchdowns with Saubert  included side-stepping outside linebacker Malik Reed and throwing it straight to Saubert in the end zone.

In a live press conference posted on the Broncos’ Twitter page, Wilson was very appreciative towards the team alongside him. In a question involving similarities between west coast offense, Wilson said, “We’re also able to do pretty much anything especially with our current lineup front, how those guys look up front. That solidifies everything. Then you have the running backs and tight ends receivers to do it. Those guys make me look halfway decent.”

Wilson is also an extremely hard worker and brings that attitude to the Broncos team. In the same press conference, he said, “I’ve always been about the extra work. If somebody says you got to do an X X amount, I triple it.”

“This is my livelihood. This is everything that I do — everything. I want to become a master of the game,” added Wilson.

His successful stats, his training, his attitude, and his support all point to Wilson having a successful season with the Denver Broncos. All the hard training, great players, and supportive coaching also suggest that the Broncos themselves, will have a successful season after six years of not making it to the playoffs.