New students are transitioning to life at MHS

Freshman and foreign exchange students alike share how their experiences at MHS have gone so far


Angel Villalobos-Rivera

Transitions can be challenging; however, for many at MHS, it is going well.

Zoe Sigg and Paul Smith

Mead High School has many new students, from freshmen to transfer students to multiple foreign exchange students. While many of us are used to life here at Mead, coming to a new school can be scary. We interviewed some new students to see how they’ve adjusted so far.

Many freshman are excited to be attending MHS. Gabriel Reyna (‘26) said, “I feel good about coming to Mead. Everyone’s actually really nice; I’ve been meeting a lot of new people. All my classes are super fun so far.”

Atlas Valentine (‘26) is also excited about the new environment. They thinks it’s overall better than middle school, and they’re enjoying their classes. “I like my teachers,” Valentine (’26) said.

Freshman are not the only ones transitioning well — there are foreign exchange students who appear to be enjoying their time as well. 

There are 10 total foreign exchange students enrolled at Mead High this school year. 

Linda Hogan (‘24), an exchange student from Germany, said she feels welcome at the school. She said she enjoys everything including, “the school, the culture, and generally the U.S.” She is worried about making friends, but she said she knows it’ll work out fine. 

According to Matt Swayne from Pennsylvania State University, transitions into high school are not always easy. If a transition doesn’t go well, he said the consequences can last all the way through senior year.

While MHS new students shared that they are enjoying high school, there are resources for those who may be struggling, including the MHS counseling department or the Colorado “I Matter” free counseling.