The past, the present, and the future (poem)

The past

the known past.

we dwell on things we cannot control. 

things we mourn over.

all we can do is remember and move on.

we do not have control over what is already known.

we cannot change the past.


The future

the unknown (but often optimistic) future.

we constantly try to control things that haven’t yet happened.

things we can’t predict.

we can’t live in the moment when we only focus on what’s ahead. 

we do not have control over what isn’t yet known.

we cannot predict or morph the future.


The present

the uncertain present.

we live in this moment that is unpredictable.

a moment we can control.

a moment we can be free and exist.  

we dwell on the past and the future,

but all we have is now.

we must live in the moment.