Harry Potter and the students of Mead


Sophomores Aiden Owen and Brandi Tracy pose wearing their Harry Potter merchandise.

It’s not difficult to recognize the familiar notes of John Williams’s “Hedwig’s Theme” that serves as the calling card to JK Rowling’s iconic series, Harry Potter — the books that defined a generation. The Boy Who Lived took the world by storm with witty remarks and sass in abundance. Students at Mead High School, along with people all over the world, have been influenced in some way by Harry and his story.

Because of Rowling’s unique ability to create a world so complex and filled with precise detail, readers can immerse themselves within the setting. Freshman Ashliee Treblik agreed, saying, “It uses a lot of real world connections, so it makes it feel like you’re there.”
Harry and his friends have touched many people in many ways. Sophomore Brandi Tracy claimed, “It [was] my entire child hood. I grew up around it, and it was the first movie I saw in theater.” In addition, DeVante Sissenstein, a senior, said, “It truly just got me back into reading. In 5th grade, I started to get bored by reading, so I slowly began to read less and less until I started to read the series.”

Over the years, Harry Potter has accumulated a fan base filled with people devoted to the trio of friends; while many opinions of the fandom are positive, one thing is certain: they are “dedicated with a hint of insanity”, as phrased by Tracy.

The “Potterheads”, as they’re called, can often be seen wearing some sort of merchandise, such as scarves, shirts, and jewelry. It really is astounding how many people have fallen in love with the series and how shamelessly they embrace it. People will wear their house colors with pride, uniting with a shared love of Harry and his world. Student will sometimes choose to integrate their “House Pride” into their daily wardrobe. Friends as strong as the Golden Trio are made through the shared love of the books. To many, the fandom and its members are friends. “A good amount of my friends I met because of Harry Potter,” said sophomore Aiden Owen. To others, the fandom is almost like a second family.

The books themselves are written with such skill and contain such enjoyment that they have readers hooked and wanting more. Owen has said that the fans are always “desperate for new material”. They tend to re-read the books to fill the gaping hole left by the craving of more. It makes no difference to the readers if it is their second time reading or their tenth, the books still hold the same magic and appeal as they did the first round.

Readers may not be able to agree about the importance and/or influence of Harry Potter, but one thing is true: Harry Potter is here to stay and will continue to impact students’ lives.


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