Longmont High School indoor drumline competition was impressive

Longmont High School held the Rocky Mountain Percussion event


Jacob Morales

Abby Ledesma (‘24) of Longmont High School smiles at the crowd as their show comes to a close.

On March 18, 2023, Longmont High School held the Rocky Mountain Percussion event. Winter drumline is a different form of marching band performance; it’s usually an indoor activity with elaborate sets, costumes, and music. Winter drumline is also a very competitive type of performance.

 I had the opportunity to speak with Judge Coordinator of the Rocky Mountain Percussion Association (RMPA) and professional percussionist Ward Durrett at the event. During the competition, he is “responsible for bringing all the judges in and making sure that they’re all on the same page on how they appraise the groups.”

The event “is part of a series of indoor competitive percussion ensembles… This is show number three. There’s a total of six regular season shows. For the championships, prelims, and then the championship finals, it runs from the middle of February through the end of April.”

Abbey Ledesma (‘24) of Longmont High School was a member of the auxiliary percussion section, which is a group of percussive instruments that do not move around and stay in the front on the drumline; drum sets, vibraphones, electronic pianos and synthesizers, xylophones, and marimbas. Ledesma (‘24) plays the marimba and describes it as, “basically like a xylophone but a lot more woody sounding.” She has been playing marimba for the aux. section for three years now.

Even Mead’s very own MiKayla Bruce (‘23) is involved in Longmont’s combined drumline; she plays symbols and has been for three years. She was very happy with their show, saying, “Everyone did really well, I think it was one of our better performances for sure.”

Just recently, Longmont combined schools drumline went to the world championships in Dayton, Ohio. I spoke with Bruce (‘23) about the event and she was ecstatic about the performance and was super tired from the show. Overall, they scored a 92.863 which beat their previous record of 91.9, and placed in 6th place out of hundreds of schools who advanced.

Click here to watch Longmont Combined Schools Drumline full show.