Book Club brings students together

Book club is for anyone and is a welcoming environment


Jamie Hedlun

The last book club of the 2022 to 2023 school year was May 17.

Book club this year will be meeting during both first and second lunches. During these meetings, students discuss current books they are reading and books they’d like to read while enjoying pizza. 

The first lunch book club meeting was be held by Ms. Hedlun in D134. Second lunch book club was held by Ms. Koehler in B122. 

During the meeting: students chose a book they all have an interest in reading, continue to read the book, and discuss it at the next meeting. Each month the students chose a new book to talk about what they liked, disliked and other comments.

“Book club is a club where any student who likes to read basically just gets together and we talk about books,” said Ms Koehler. 

Students have shared that they really enjoy book club. 

Chase Nicks (‘24) said, “I like being able to talk with people about the books, it’s also fun just meeting people. Book club is such a loving and supporting environment. There is no judgment at book club…there’s zero shame or judgment if you end up not reading the book that month”.

Ms. Koehler said, “I think it’s really cool that there are people in this building who are passionate about reading so much that they want to make sure that this opportunity is available to whoever wants it.”

Students encourage everyone to join the book club as they believe it is a welcoming environment.