Students’ artwork is featured in E-wing

There are very talented students behind featured artwork seen throughout halls


Aspen Bingham

Ben Medoff’s (‘24) artwork is featured in the E wing.

As students walk past the E wing, they may have noticed the outstanding artwork featured in the art cases along the halls. 

These pieces of art have two talented faces behind them: Autumn Walker (‘26) and Ben Medoff (‘24). 

It is a privilege to be able to have your artwork shown in the school hallways, and it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. 

Walker (‘26) and Medoff (‘24) both started art at a very young age. Walker (‘26) was only five years old when she first began working on art. 

Walker (‘26) and Medoff (‘24) find it important that their artwork touches its audience in many different ways. Walker (‘26) focuses more on having her artwork bring people joy, while Medoff (‘24) wants people to really focus on the unique details of his artwork. 

Medoff (‘24) said, “I want people to be comfortable looking at my art from far away but then to notice strange details the closer they get to the art.” 

Both students have many supports in their life that have helped them and supported their artistic abilities. For Walker (‘26), her family, teachers and friends have been a huge support. For Medoff (‘24), his mom, specifically has been a huge support. 

While pseudo realism, an art form that uses “beautiful and ugly” aspects, is Medoff’s (‘24) main artistic approach, both students are expectantly talented at a variety of artistic styles. Walker (‘26) enjoys multimedia and incorporating things like metals and leaves into her artwork. 

There are a few different ways for students’ artwork to be featured throughout the school. Ms. Katie Kutz said, “Have the passion for it, really put yourself out there and want to do it,”