P.E.’s Hidden Gem

The unknown benefits Iron Works


When someone says P.E, you think running and pacer tests. Who would want to do that just for a simple credit? For those who want to slow it down a bit or just plain don’t like sports, there’s always Iron Works.

Iron Works is “a strength training class, there’s two of them. Iron Works one is a kind of introductory class that goes through three different programs… to introduce kids to strength training while Iron Works two is a more advanced type of program” states Physical Education teacher Ty Tatham.

When compared to other P.E classes, Coach Tatham says “strength training is a great way to stay physically fit, it’s a great way to lose weight and it’s a great way for females to maintain bone density which is important as they get older. It’s also a great alternative for those who don’t like cardiovascular activities.”

It’s not only the coach that finds this class fun and useful, junior Michael James explains that “as long as you do what you’re supposed to do and get the sets done, you’re okay to do whatever for the rest of class.”  He recommends this class to anyone who wants “a P.E credit that’s not the most difficult, fun to get and a nice change of pace.”

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