The Sears brothers take on Mead’s Varsity Soccer

As Wyatt Sears starts his Senior year on the varsity soccer team, his younger brother Winston Sears joins him as a Freshman.


Ulyana Pyrlik

Wyatt and Winston Sears, two brothers on the Varsity Soccer team, showing their pride in their team here at Mead by wearing their favorite Mav gear.

Diego Cordero, Reporter

Brothers Wyatt Sears, senior, and Winston Sears, freshman, both take on 2018 varsity soccer at Mead High School. With it being Wyatt’s last year playing for Mead and Winston’s first year, they bring a unique chemistry to the men’s soccer team.

Winston Sears has worked his way to the starting position, and has gotten the opportunity to play next to his brother Wyatt Sears. The father of the two, Coach Sam Sears, is a very big help to the team. As it is his first year helping out the men’s soccer team, and the last year for Wyatt and first year for Winston, this is a very special moment for their family.

Although this is the first time he has been able help out the men’s soccer team, this is not the first time he has helped a Mead soccer programs. Last year when the girls soccer team went to playoffs for the first time, Sam Sears was a part of that journey. When asked about their dad being a coach Wyatt responded, “It’s a good feeling, my dad can be intense at times but we need that intensity as a team.”

When asked the same question Winston responded, “I would say it’s pretty helpful because he is always at the games so he can give me helpful tips and and I can give him insight, it just helps the game in general.”

Although Winston is a freshman on varsity, he has worked his way to start by his brothers side. When asked about having his brother playing by his side Winston said, “It’s special for me because I never really get a chance to play the same sport with him so it’s a great opportunity for us to bond a little more.”

But they are still brothers. When asked if having Wyatt on the same team motivates him to play better Winston responded, “A little bit. Just kinda pushing each other because it’s always like a competition.” There is always that sense of competitiveness between the two.

With Wyatt earning the captain’s band for his senior year as a Mead maverick and Winston starting freshman year, they get to share all these special moments together. When asked what it took to be a captain Wyatt responds, “I just had to be a leader on and off the field and in the classrooms, just always working hard and setting a good example. Knowing that my teammates depend on me and getting to put on that captains band before every game feels good.”

With this being Wyatt’s last year as a maverick, Winston will be carrying on the Sears name. But as much of a challenge as soccer season is, the Sears family show that this is nothing they can’t handle.