Penni Andersen has a passion for school safety

Penni Andersen has made an impact on school supervision since her arrival and acceptance of the position


Faith Hale

Campus supervisor Penni Andersen sitting at her desk.

Penni Andersen, Mead’s Campus Supervisor, started in school security in 1999. When her son was in kindergarten, she began working as a ParaProfessional at Longs Peak Middle School. 

She then began working in the St.Vrain District as a district job coach. 

Afterwards, she became interested in school safety, “School safety really interested me,” said Andersen.

When Silver Creek was beginning to open, she was the first to be hired for their Campus Supervisor position.

“One time I was alerted to a disturbance in the D-wing at Silver Creek High School…..The teachers had all gotten into the display/showcase and were acting like mannequins!” commented Andersen, “Another time I was looking for a student with an SRO …we were outside when a snake crossed my path. I screamed and turned around and my SRO was gone! I mean gone! Running to his car!”

She worked at Silver Creek for 11 years. Afterwards, she took a job at Longmont High School. While she was still at Longmont, the old Mead Campus Supervisor, Roger Mauck retired. 

Penni then took up the opportunity to become Campus Supervisor at Mead High School.

“I loved the new school feel. It was like the new Silver Creek,” said Andersen.

Shortly after, Mead hit 700 students. That is the number of students where the school is required to have two campus supervisors. David Morales was added to the staff shortly after. 

“My first few weeks here at Mead I was sent to work at Main Street School where we housed all the Lyons schools during the flood.” Said Andersen.

Her days are filled with school safety and craziness. She works on drills and procedures set up by the district as best practices. She also monitors the halls and checks inside and out for things that are out of place. 

In the 6 ½ years she has worked at Mead, Andersen has developed a passion for school safety and absolutely loves the students she works with. 

“I understand kids make mistakes. What I would want to leave with is this…if you make a mistake and find yourself in a situation with me or the administration…own it…learn from it…move from it…your life will be easy peasy if you stick to this plan!”

Updated on 2/21