Mead High is participating in the Minutes that Matter fundraiser

Today and tomorrow are the last days to donate to this Special Olympics Colorado Unified Schools fundraiser for Unified athletics, musical classes, academics, and more


Leah Anderson

The MHS Unified Percussion class waits on the benches at a 2019 Mead football game.

During this week (Dec. 14 to Dec. 18) Mead High School students, faculty, and administrators as well as the Mead community have been donating to the Minutes that Matter Unified Schools Challenge.

At the beginning of the fundraiser, Ms. Ayers tweeted, “We need your help, Mead community! Our goal is to have 5,000 people donate $1 each.”

The money raised will be used to directly support Special Olympics Colorado Unified Schools. This challenge asks for each person to donate one dollar to the cause. The school that raises the most money will be awarded a trophy for the school’s Special Olympics.

Right now, there are about 415 schools that are a part of the Unified Schools Program. The Unified Schools Program helps to support students involved with exceptional learning and works to make sure they feel included in the school community. This can be anywhere from athletics to musical classes to academics. The money will help the program and Special Olympics Colorado continue to grow and help others through inclusion.

People looking to donate to this cause can visit the website, where you can pick the amount of money to donate to the fundraiser.

The alternative option for participating in the Minutes that Matter Unified Schools Challenge is to text UCS to 76278. Once you text this number, a message will say, “Welcome to Minutes that Matter!” before explaining specific instructions on how to donate through text.

Tomorrow, Friday, Dec. 18, is the final day to donate to the fundraiser.

Come on Mavs, we’ve got this! Donate just one dollar and help all the students of Mead High feel included and supported.