High school and middle schools will switch to allow four day in-person learning after Spring Break

Because vaccinations are going as planned and there are low infection and hospitalization rates, students will be allowed back four days a week the last week of March


Following spring break, students will be allowed to return to a four-day week instead of remaining in hybrid instruction if they choose.

Students have been learning in the online and the hybrid system for almost two full semesters. 

After spring break, SVVSD Superintendent Don Haddad has shared that the district is shifting from hybrid learning to full in-person learning for students and families who choose that option (excluding Fridays). 

“With declining case rates in the community and high vaccination numbers for teachers and staff, conditions are now favorable to support all middle and high school students returning to in person learning four days a week beginning Monday, March 29,” said Dr. Haddad.

The Longmont Times Call reports, “About 94% of teachers and staff members have received or have had the opportunity to schedule a vaccination according to the district and most are expected to receive their second dose before spring break.” 

In communication from Dr. Haddad, he said students will have the choice to remain virtual. 

Shutdowns have caused students to not only struggle academically but socially as well. Going full time will likely increase the overall well-being of students. 

Having students go in person for school may be easier for some students and staff, but there are concerns. It will be challenging to keep the social distance at six feet, and if there are enough cases, students could go back to virtual learning to quarantine or isolate. There are also fears that new cases will lead back to hybrid learning.