Kanye West’s sixth studio album “Yeezus” is passionate and emotional

This album has a wide range and is emotionally heavy; it is one of Kanye’s best releases

Yeezus is an incredible album.

Yeezus is an incredible album.

Kadin Lengner, Writer

Kanye West has become arguably one of the biggest and most recognized artists of all time. He has been around in the music world longer than I’ve been alive and for good reason. 

He has one of, if not the best discography in all of hip-hop. He has ten albums with an eleventh hopefully on the way. Each album has an extremely unique sound and aesthetic to it, making each standout in their own amazing ways. His versatility is showcased throughout each album ranging from sad auto-tuned singing on 808’s and Heartbreaks to synth heavy pop on Graduation.

Today we’re focusing on his sixth studio album, Yeezus.

Yeezus is the most angry and passion-filled record to date. Kanye doesn’t hold back whatsoever, whether it’s calling out many big name brands or rapping about modern slavery in “New Slaves”. Kanye is as egotistical as ever, referring to himself as a “god” in “I Am A God ”.  The passion-filled, anger driven tracklist includes some very emotional moments in “Guilt Trip”, “Bound 2”, and “Hold my Liquor”. 

“On Sight” is the first track on the album and is an explosive intro of distorted synths and loud instruments.  The rough instrumentation and harsh lyrics convey his extreme anger and frustration portrayed throughout the entire album. The track is broken in half by an amazing choir that delivers a beautiful bridge to the next half.

“Black SkinHead” is the next up on the track list and is the most recognized song from Yeezus. The iconic and instantly gripping drums carry the majority of Kanye’s fierce lyrics as he tears apart the track. “Black SkinHead” is an aggressive and bombastic track that is one of Kanye’s best of all time.

“I Am A God” is an egotistical and selfish track filled with Kanye referring to himself as “god”. The distorted synths and harsh narcissistic lyrics from this track into a menacing force to be reckoned with.

“New Slaves” is my second favorite track on the album and covers the modern and “new” slaves. It is a grand political and social statement which carries very heavy topics through the clashing of synths and electric notes. The outro of the song is one of the best pieces of musical genius I have ever listened to. It is a beautifully orchestrated piece with Frank Ocean singing a harmonious and awe-filled hook to perfectly close the packed track.

“Hold my Liquor” is emotionally driven and carries heavy emotional baggage. Kanye is trying to control his demons as he struggles with them running rampant. On Chief Keef’s chorus, his lyrics represent Kanye letting his demons out for the world to see and judge. Kanye is at war with himself on this track and after the enticing and dramatic synthetic guitar solo, Kanye wins that battle with himself and the track finishes. The entire track is a spectacle to behold — it is a listening experience that feels like a journey around the world.

Yeezus is a brash and angry record with moments of sincere and emotional songwriting and instrumentation. This is the point in his career where his mental health begins to take a heavy toll on him as he clashes with the world around him as well as with himself.

This is an amazing and harsh listen where Kanye says exactly how he feels about himself and the world around him. I would give this album a 9/10.